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Choosing individual Life Purpose Coaching will be one of the most powerful investments that you will ever make for yourself. Learn how to change your thinking and actions, to move you forward, and take your life to the next level!

Life Purpose Coaching will help you to share your story and be open about your life and how you view and experience each moment in time. You’ll be able to identify what’s driving you, recognize your limiting beliefs and allow yourself to change your thinking and actions to find your true purpose.

Now is the time to find the answers to all the questions you’ve been struggling with. Having judgement-free, open and honest conversations with your Life Purpose Coach will see you breaking free from the limitations holding you back in your life.

Respectful and confidential, coaching can be provided in our private coaching rooms, at a local café, on line or your home – wherever you feel most comfortable.

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Conscious Hypnosis simply means you allow your conscious mind permission to access your unconscious mind. The main purpose is to stimulate the “I CAN” response, rather than experience feelings of fear, stress and anxiety, or just feeling lost.

With Conscious Hypnosis you do not lose consciousness. In fact, you are totally aware of your surroundings and know what is going on around you.

Today, our lifestyle is so busy and so full of expectations. We feel like we are constantly under pressure from our bosses, our family, society and most importantly, from ourselves. We can literally be in a high state of stress and tension for most of our lives, and for no particular reason.

Through Conscious Hypnosis, you will access the unconscious mind and tap into all your strengths. You have so many resources at your disposal and you can create long-lasting positive change.

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Coaching EQ Perth - Davy Rowe

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a gentle, yet powerful method of coaching that uses thoughtful and impactful communication techniques. It can bring profound improvement to your personal and professional life.

NLP will help you to develop a range of effective tools that you can implement every day, to create, maintain and enhance positive shifts in your thinking and actions. It’s particularly helpful for removing anxiety, personal development, and working through phobias.

It can totally remove limiting beliefs, by accessing your very own powerful, internal resources, and will assist in improving your self-confidence. It can help you to understand your emotions and those of other people. NLP is a fantastic tool to enhance your communication skills, and ultimately your relationships.

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mBIT – Multiple Brain Integration Technique is a very powerful and effective new field of coaching practice. Latest neuroscience research has established that there are three brains! Head, Heart and Gut.

mBIT coaching helps you to connect, align and integrate your 3 brains bringing congruency and certainty to your life’s choices. We now know there are millions of brain cells, not only in the head brain, but also in the heart and the gut. How many times have you said, ‘I can feel it in my gut’ and you found out your decision was right? Or the old saying, ‘my hearts says yes but my head says no.’

mBIT coaching can help you to connect, align and integrate the creative skills of the head brain, the deep courage and intuitive wisdom of your gut brain, and the compassion and love of your heart brain. The power of mBIT brings you to a new level of happiness and contentment in your life.

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When it comes to Business Coaching, there is no better mentor than someone who has experienced building a multi-million dollar business from the ground up. If you’re looking for a real and raw overview of your business, and a solid strategy and plan to take it to the next level, then Coaching EQ can support you in your business growth.

As we all know, change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. I realised very early on, that in business, if you are not prepared to be adaptable and be open to change, you will struggle to compete.

I‘ve always held the belief that ‘keeping it simple’ is the best policy in life, but especially in business. And the numbers never lie.

As a business coach and mentor I provide a human approach, drawing on my many years of experience as a business owner, and this allows me to provide you with a very authentic coaching experience for your business.

I work with people across all levels of business, from trainees to executive managers and business owners. We will work together in a coaching partnership, as we focus on finding clarity to issues that are both on the surface, as well as underlying and impacting results.

As we work towards identified goals, I will support you to follow agreed strategies and hold you accountable to reach the end goal.

Our typical coaching journey looks like:

    • Initial free 30 minute business consultation, call or visit, to understand your needs and ensure we are a good fit.
    • Create and agree a coaching plan that meets your business needs and budget.
    • Work closely with you and your team to identify and clarify key issues.
    • Analyse the issues, bringing them to a manageable level to reduce pressure.
    • Create an agreed strategy with a plan of action to move your business forward for greater efficiency and productivity.

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What do we mean by ‘Authentic Men’s Work’?

It’s about being brutally honest about your emotions and how you feel. Firstly, being honest with yourself, and then others. For years men have been suppressing their emotions, pushing the pain down deep within.

Men’s Work is about stepping into a positive future and allowing yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be.

For years, men have been told to suppress their emotions, pushing the pain deep inside themselves. This often shows up as an injury or illness, or sometimes by taking it out on the ones you love, the people closest to you. Men’s Work is about allowing other men into your life that you can trust. Men that will have your back, are there for you, and will love and support you without judgement – no matter what!

It’s about those men holding you accountable and helping you through difficult times in your life. It’s also about acceptance on a deep level. Accepting the choices you have made, have brought you to this point in your life.

That’s hard for many of us to accept, as when things are not going well, we step into blaming and complaining, looking for someone or something to point a finger at. This can often be the ones we hold closest to us. Sitting in blame absolves us from any responsibility or accountability and takes away the need for us to look to ourselves.

The bottom line is; YOU are responsible for everything that is going on in your life. Men’s Work is for men who are ready and willing to step up and accept radical responsibility and be accountable for everything that’s happening in their life. It’s for men who are ready to change.

It’s for men who are ready to own their life, every bit of it, the good the bad, and the ugly. Until you completely own ‘your shit’ and find the courage to stop and take action, things will never change. You will continue to blame others. You can keep saying you’re ‘fine’ and yet constantly doubt yourself.

When you’re ready to reach out and come together with other men in a safe space without judgement, you will learn you are the only one who can rescue you. A safe space can help you to let your guard down, remove the mask that hides your pain, and be supported by other men around you.

To start your journey back to your authentic, true self, as a father, son, partner or brother, takes courage and vulnerability, along with commitment. As you start to heal, you will reclaim your strong, masculine identity and find your authentic self. You will quickly begin to grow and heal, piece by piece.

These programmes have been specifically designed for men to step into a positive future and to be the best version of themselves, as they live a more truthful, happier life, without the need to hide behind a mask.

We are here for you!

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Free 30 minutes consultation

After our consultation I shall recommend the type of coaching I believe you would benefit the most from, depending on what the subject matter is.

1:1 – session – $220

Building your foundation – 4 session pack – $800

Finding your life’s purpose – 9 session pack – $1650

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I have been blessed by David’s empathetic nature and insightful thoughts when discussing things with him. His passion for people and his excellence standard in all he does makes him stand head and shoulders above others around him. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services for your requirements.

Rosalie Ann Fidge

I have spent time working with Davy as my coach. To meet him is to know he is passionate about what he does, but working with him reveals so much more. He is incredibly dedicated to helping people get the results they want. He’s open minded, open hearted, compassionate and kind. He has a powerful, but disarming presence and a really embracing nature. There is a confidence about working with Davy.

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Brett Schreuders

I came to Davy with some issues which were affecting my personal life. After first meeting him I instantly felt a connection, which made me feel at ease. We worked through some mbit coaching, which unlocked information that I didn’t realise was important to me. From this I was able to start looking at things from a different perspective and start living life on my terms and not held hostage by my own beliefs which were developed when I was a child. This is not only a recommendation but a thank you to Davy. I highly recommend!

Dan Hancox

I cannot recommend Davey highly enough! We spent an extended time together doing Wim Hof and Mbit and my results were profound. We worked on emotional surrender and vulnerability and cleared limiting beliefs from the age of 1. I loved how Davey used intuition and incredible patience to nurture me through the process and held the space, while also not allowing me to deflect from the “uncomfortable”. My outcome was beyond my expectations and I am truly privileged to have had this experience made possible by a man who is totally on his purposeful path and assisting others to move forward in life. much gratitude <3 <3

Sue Raffan

I met this bloke during some Neuro-Linguistic training and quickly began to love the man for his passion towards what he does and his non-judgemental approach when working with him.

I found Davy to be genuine and honest in his dealings and his ease in which he helped.

Luke Wigzell

I have known Dave for over 30yrs now however since taking coaching sessions I have seen Dave in a different light and commend him for implementing such a powerful program. When I entered the life coaching sessions I was unsure of what the outcome would be, I knew I wanted to develop and understand who I really am and what my goals in life are but never knew how to go about it. I would like to thank Dave again for being my Life Coach and for what he has vested in me. it has made an impact on my life and continues to motivate me to improve myself from day to day.

Rita Van Der Heyden