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    I have been blessed by David’s empathetic nature and insightful thoughts when discussing things with him. His passion for people and his excellence standard in all he does makes him stand head and shoulders above others around him. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services for your requirements.

    Rosalie Ann Fidge

    I have spent time working with Davy as my coach. To meet him is to know he is passionate about what he does, but working with him reveals so much more. He is incredibly dedicated to helping people get the results they want. He’s open minded, open hearted, compassionate and kind. He has a powerful, but disarming presence and a really embracing nature. There is a confidence about working with Davy.

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    Brett Schreuders

    I came to Davy with some issues which were affecting my personal life. After first meeting him I instantly felt a connection, which made me feel at ease. We worked through some mbit coaching, which unlocked information that I didn’t realise was important to me. From this I was able to start looking at things from a different perspective and start living life on my terms and not held hostage by my own beliefs which were developed when I was a child. This is not only a recommendation but a thank you to Davy. I highly recommend!

    Dan Hancox

    I cannot recommend Davey highly enough! We spent an extended time together doing Wim Hof and Mbit and my results were profound. We worked on emotional surrender and vulnerability and cleared limiting beliefs from the age of 1. I loved how Davey used intuition and incredible patience to nurture me through the process and held the space, while also not allowing me to deflect from the “uncomfortable”. My outcome was beyond my expectations and I am truly privileged to have had this experience made possible by a man who is totally on his purposeful path and assisting others to move forward in life. much gratitude <3 <3

    Sue Raffan

    I met this bloke during some Neuro-Linguistic training and quickly began to love the man for his passion towards what he does and his non-judgemental approach when working with him.

    I found Davy to be genuine and honest in his dealings and his ease in which he helped.

    Luke Wigzell

    I have known Dave for over 30yrs now however since taking coaching sessions I have seen Dave in a different light and commend him for implementing such a powerful program. When I entered the life coaching sessions I was unsure of what the outcome would be, I knew I wanted to develop and understand who I really am and what my goals in life are but never knew how to go about it. I would like to thank Dave again for being my Life Coach and for what he has vested in me. it has made an impact on my life and continues to motivate me to improve myself from day to day.

    Rita Van Der Heyden