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Davy Rowe

As a natural and direct communicator with a caring, intuitive mind, I’ve always been passionate about helping and guiding others.

My journey into my self-development began about 20 years ago and I’ve now completed many courses in conscious leadership and coaching. During a trip to ‘Rythmia’ in Costa Rica, I took part in numerous ‘Ayahucsca Ceremonies’ which allowed me the freedom to follow and fuel my curiosity about spirituality, as well as answer a huge question in my mind, about life.

“Is this all there is?”

Born in Newcastle, North East England, I was one of five children. To be honest, we were pretty hard up, and in hindsight I’d say we were on the poverty line. Not that we knew it at the time. We were just like a lot of kids in our area. We were loved and enjoyed our lives as best we could. Tragically, my father died at the young age of 35, when I was just eight years old. This had a huge impact on me, not only as an eight-year-old but throughout my life. This was the first major test in my life. I felt the profound effect of my father’s passing in many ways. As a caring eight-year-old, I created a limiting belief in my mind, a belief that I had a responsibility to provide for my family.Newcastle, England

Growing up I became a perfectionist and a people pleaser. I craved validation and credit for doing the ‘right thing.’ This need to please, along with my inner belief of having to provide for my family, meant that I put a huge amount of pressure on myself. This proved to be a continuing pattern for the next 34 years. Throughout my school years, into my apprenticeship as a Sheet Metal Worker, to working offshore on the rigs and eventually running my own business in Perth, any sense of satisfaction and achievement eluded me. No matter what I did, it never felt enough. I felt like I was never content or at peace.In 1990 I arrived in Perth with my wife and two small children, as a qualified Sheet Metal Worker. I put my full focus into finding work, and as per my pattern, was determined to provide for my family.

My wife and I established an air conditioning installation company called Vortech in 1993. Over the next 24 years, we proudly built Vortech up to be a multi-million-dollar business and by 2014 we were the biggest air conditioning installation company in Perth.

However, that same, familiar feeling of never being satisfied or able to do enough continued to haunt me, no matter how hard I worked, or how successful other people assumed me to be. I became a workaholic and by 2003, I was to experience the second major test of my life. I was exhausted and burnt out, emotionally, physically and mentally. One day for a brief moment, I entertained the feeling of relief I would have if I was to run my van off the freeway. Immediately I knew I didn’t want to kill myself, however, I thought… if I could just break my legs, I’d have a valid reason to rest, and an excuse to say ‘no’ and stop working for a while.

Needless to say, I was shocked that I’d even had this thought. It was in that moment that I knew I needed help. I knew it was my time to change. I felt lost, alone, and I was suffering deeply. However, I eventually found the courage and vulnerability to ask someone for advice.The decision to seek help was to be the start of my self-development journey, although I didn’t recognise it as that back then. I decided to attend a course in Perth called “Landmark Forum”.

Vortech Perth

This experience was absolutely amazing, and after only two days, I found clarity and came to realise two major factors:

I realised I had choices. As ridiculous as that may sound, it was a huge revelation to me at the time, and the limiting belief I had conjured as an eight-year-old, simply wasn’t true.

The reason I was so driven, and never satisfied with any of my life’s successes was because all I ever wanted was, for my father to tell me, “I’m proud of you son.” Of course, this was something that was never going to happen. I felt I had found clarity and direction, so I started to do my work.

What did that mean?

It meant that I started making different choices and changed the way I thought. I was becoming more self-aware of my emotions. I felt I had a new beginning, a new purpose and more contentment in my life. Unfortunately, I was to experience my third major life-test as things took a turn for the worse in late 2016 when Vortech suffered a huge financial loss on the Perth Stadium Project. Vortech was forced to cease trading, let go of all staff and close its doors by early 2017. I was devastated, to say the least. I felt betrayed. I had lost my identity, my purpose, and my direction. I was literally on my knees and had no idea what to do next. The anger and injustice I felt about what had happened was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. This was definitely one of the lowest points in my life. I had lots of supportive people advising me what I should do, but I knew deep within me, once again I had to find the courage and strength to move forward and continue to do my work.

One thing I truly believe in this life, is that some of the most difficult tests we experience can often turn out to be the best possible things to ever happen to us, and can give us huge opportunities for self-growth. 2017 was all about mental survival, literally getting out of bed and looking forward to the end of the day.

By 2018 I was ready to begin my journey away from Vortech. I began with a trip to America, with my brother Tony, to attend my very first “Men’s Work” well-being course called ‘Tribute.” As a member of Tribute for many years, Tony supported me through a powerful and life-changing journey, which has had a profound impact on my life. Over two and a half days, I witnessed miracles. I saw men, deal with, and release a lifetime’s worth of pain and hurt. It was unbelievable. One after another, men were healing in front of my eyes. By the end of the first night, I had dealt with my feelings of anger and injustice. By the end of the weekend, I was no longer lost and I was looking forward to WHAT WAS NEXT. This was the beginning of my journey into coaching and working to support men through their life journey.

Men2Mates - EQ Wellness Center

I returned to Perth and started researching wellness coaching, and in particular, “Men’s Work.” I studied some of the most incredible, yet most efficient methods to help eradicate negative limiting beliefs, improve mental health and well-being and to find wholeness, balance and purpose in life again.

I continued to study and research over the next two years, qualifying and accredited as a Life Purpose Coach through The Life Coaching College in Perth. I offer a range of services to empower Men, through Men’s Circle Work, self-development programmes and Life Purpose Coaching, using a range of different modalities.

Although I work predominately with men, I continue to work with and coach women, helping them to clear negative energy and limiting beliefs. Breathwork is a core element implemented in my coaching practice, with both men and women. It allows us to calm and silence the noise in our heads and relax, as we drop into ‘just being” into our safe heart space. It’s also a practice when done regularly which has a profound positive impact on our mental, emotional and physical well-being. I can say with certainty that I’m now where I’m meant to be and that I’ve found my higher and true purpose in life, which is to guide and serve others.

The following passage summarises my deep belief, when I think not only of my life and how I felt in my most challenging of days, but the feelings of others who think they are struggling or at breaking point.

“Within you, there is nothing broken,

There is nothing that needs to be fixed,
You have all you need within you now,
To move forward in your life.”

“This IS your time.”

I will both support and guide you as I hold you accountable through your coaching journey.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you, as you take the steps needed to find your own life’s purpose. And ultimately change your life.



The Penrose Triangle logo is a Metaphor for Life.

When you first look, it’s just like a normal triangle, but if you take your time and look closer from another perspective, you soon realise it’s actually nothing like what you first thought.

It can be very much like this with coaching.  You may hold or identify with limiting beliefs which you think are absolutely true.

Yet when you are guided to look at these beliefs from another perspective or other point of view, you will come to realise its simply not what you first thought, and you will release these negative beliefs and move positively forward in your life.

“This is your time”

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Jackie Rowe

BA Hons (Educations), Grad Dip (Coaching)
Hi… I’m Jackie Rowe of Focus Coaching and I have over twenty years’ experience of coaching and facilitating working predominantly with women.

My back ground is family’s children and community. My aim is to empower and strengthen as many women as possible helping them to make positive decisions to live their best life ever. My belief is that a women who feels strong and empowered, will strengthen her family which leads to stronger communities. My logo shows the Borromean circles an ancient Celtic symbol, symbolising strength and unity. When one ring is removed the other two are no longer connected and fall apart.

Watching women break through negative mind sets and uncertainty to find and understand their power within is such an amazing thing to see.
Solution Focused Coach
Psych K Practitioner
Work Shops ( parenting early development)

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Sam Rowe

Sam is a passionate Teacher, Mentor & Coach, who has always focused on helping children, to see their potential & a positive future, as they create the best outcomes for themselves.

She has had extensive training with children throughout her career working with the Department of Child Protection as well at various schools throughout Western Australia’s North West & CBD as a Primary school Teacher.

The vast experience she has gained has given her many tools & different methods to helping & empowering children to see a way through from whatever they are struggling with.
Sam has gained a Bachelor of Arts & Double Major in Psychology, Criminology & Justice, and Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education, along with accreditation to teach the Rock & Water Program as presented by the Gaduku Institute.

If your child (6-12 year old) is struggling in life & maybe requires a little nudge or guide to help them back on track, Sam is more than capable to show them to their true potential.


Men’s Work

Davy Rowe

  • 25 years Managing Director of one of Perth’s leading Commercial Air-Conditioning companies
  • Landmark forum
  • Landmark Forum Advanced
  • Self-Expression & leadership Program
  • Remarkable Men’s Project “Tribute” in California
  • Tim Morrisons “Invictus” Perth Men’s work course
  • The Life Coaching College:
  • Certified Level 1 & 2 Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified mBIT Coach
  • Certified Master conscious Hypnosis Coach

Tim Morrison – Invictus

Men’s work is about allowing other men in your life that you can trust, who have your back, men who are there for you, who will love & support you without judgement no matter what.

It’s about those men holding you accountable, helping you through difficult times in your life. It’s also about acceptance on a deep level. Accepting that the choices you have made have brought you to this point today.

Men’s Circles

When you’re ready to reach out and come together with other men in a safe space without judgement, you will learn you are the only one that can rescue you.

In this safe space you can remove the mask which hides your pain, let your guard down and be supported by other men around you.

To finally start your journey back to your authentic true self as a father, son, brother, takes courage and vulnerability along with commitment. But as you heal you will reclaim your strong masculine identity and your true authentic life as you grow and heal piece by piece.